Welcome to the Homepage for the Serren Campaign. This Campaign has been active since August of 2007. We usually play every other Satuday previous and future dates listed below.

  • 11/08/2009 (This is a Sunday. Is This an issue for anyone?)
  • 10/17/2009 – Argent Ho!
  • 10/03/2009 – A Strange New World
  • 09/26/2009 – Escape?
  • 09/12/2009 – Ascension, Gates and Endless Peril
  • 08/29/2009 – Magic Mirrors, Melting Minions
  • 08/15/2009 – Water (and an Aboleth) Under the Bridge
About the Setting

Serren is an ever changing world with an unknown past and an unforeseeable future. Adventurers in Serren are predominately Human, Dwarven and Halfling. Other races exist but typically not in the same public open nature as in other settings (eg. Fey creatures are very secretive and don’t typically associate with humans).

Many of the themes of this setting are heavily influenced by the writing style of H.P. Lovecraft. His Concept of “Cosmic Horror” lends itself perfectly to the sense of unknowable psychological terror that this place is intended to evoke.


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