Ascension, Gates and Endless Peril

First Floor Cleared

After an arduous battle with a revolving floor, hordes of rats and a staircase haunted by a harpy and a pair of gargoyles, the party reaches the second floor via an immense staircase. Upon their arrival, they find an odd hallway lined with relief statues of faces, mouth agape. Shortly after their discovery, two waves of various foulspawn attack from hiding, teleporting using the open mouths as portals. As soon as the first wave appears, the faces spring to life clicking and snapping their teeth at those who venture too close, each begging for just a little nibble if flesh.

The party pushes through a secret passageway after they dispatch the aforementioned foes. The passage leads to an interesting, but empty room that’s only feature is an ornate gateway featuring two hooded figures. Upon passing through the portal one of the seemingly inanimate figures whispers to Gharr that Trista has been cursed. He keeps this to himself for the time being.

Once through the party finds itself faced with a quartet of of door choices one in each of the cardinal direction, the northern of which was the door that they just entered through. They attempt to gain access to the western passage, but after a maw of snakes consumes Gharr as he approaches, the group is hesitant about how to proceed. They decide to follow to try to save him. The party discovers that the snakes are illusory and the door ejects them into a room containing a very surprised Medusa archer and a blind ogre. Catching them off guard, these foes are no match and are quickly slain. Upon completion the group backtracks and follows the eastern passage offers another illusory obstacle and they find that this passage leads to the familiar white dragon’s den.

Returning one final time to the previous room the group takes the south passage and enters a truly revolting area. The walls, floor and ceiling in this are a covered in dark, necrotic, oozing flesh. The heroes fight off a pair of foulspawn, a grick, a destrachan and manage to narrowly escape through a secret passage before the area filled with poisonous gas. Their escape, while timely, only brought them to a more hazardous situation. They find themselves face to face with an abomination chained to two pillars and surrounded by a swirling vortex of prismatic energy, all of which introduced by an illusion of Karavakos himself. A bloodied and nearly dead group of adventurers emerge victorious and with possession of a second key similar to the one retrieved from an earlier incarnation of Karavakos.

A short rest and a march north bring the heroes to a refugee camp of humans and foulspawn. The leader of the camp, a foulspawn seer named Medragal, plays nice but attacks the group in the night. The instigators are easily overtaken by the superior firepower of the group. Medragal was in fact the first to die as Gharr was ready for Medragal’s betrayal, waiting to strike from the shadows. A showy ceiling entrance and a coup-de-grace left Medragal dead before he could even know that he was under attack. After the camp is totally annihilated, the party rests and regroups before making their next move.



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