The restless hunter of his people's lost souls. (RETIRED)

  • Class-
    • Artificer
  • Paragon Path-
    • Academy Master
  • Epic Destiny-
    • Not Applicable
  • Level:
    • 14
  • Role:
    • Leader (Summoner, Buffing)
  • STR-
    • 11
  • CON-
    • 22
  • DEX-
    • 14
  • INT-
    • 22
  • WIS-
    • 12
  • CHA-
    • 5
  • AC: 25
  • FORT: 26
  • REF: 25
  • WILL: 23
  • HP: 98 (Bloodied- 49, H.S. Value- 24, 11 Surge/Day)
  • Weapon:
    • (Right Hand) Orb of Harmonic Agony +3
    • (Left Hand) Armbow +2
  • Armor:
    • Parchment Cloth +3
  • Hand Slot:
    • Reparation Apparatus
  • Neck Slot:
    • Stormwalker’s Cloak +3
  • Head Slot:
    • Command Circlet
  • Wondrous Items:
    • Delver’s Light
    • Figurine of Wondrous Power: Marble Elephant
  • Familiar:
    • Disembodied Hand
  • Summonable Creatures:
    • Obedient Servant
    • Flameheart Defender
    • Healing Figurine
    • Marble Elephant
  • Bio:
    • Name: Model No. V0-17r-0N
    • Alias: Padlock
    • Occupation: Mechanic, Historian
    • Gender: Male Personality
    • Age: 8 Years
    • Affiliations:
      • The Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign (Formerly)
      • The Order of the Reunification (Present)
    • Alignment: Unaligned
    Early Life

    Originally forged within a secret creation forge maintained by the Brotherhood of the Yellow sign, Model No. V0-17r-ON lived the first four years of his life in one of the fraternity’s hidden lairs. As the first of his series, he was built to serve a man known only as “The Artisan”. During those four years, V0-17r-ON built and equipped warforged with wicked tools of destruction. However, he was unaware and ignorant of the purposes for which he created his brethren. A large project was undertaken, and it would require eighty-four warforged soldiers. Thinking this to be his most magnificent work of art, yet, V0-17r-ON implanted a small shard of his own personality into each of the soldiers. The Artisan lauded his work, calling this unit the most magnificent he had ever seen. As his reward, V0-17r-ON would be allowed to participate in the scry-viewing as his soldiers fulfilled their grand purpose. So it was that V0-17r-ON came to know his true purpose. In the scrying, V0-17r-ON watched his brethren descend on towns, farmsteads, and places of natural beauty, destroying everything in their wake. Nothing was sacred as the wave of ruin washed over the world. V0-17r-ON felt betrayed, by himself and by his master. He raged, and the last thing he can recall is powering on, covered in blood. Whether he killed his masters, or some other, unknown event transpired is beyond his grasp. However, he woke with the understanding of the one driving force that he must obey: it was now his duty to right his wrongs. He must find his brethren and turn them away from their course… or destroy them.


    V0-17r-0N has spent four years wandering the lands of Argonesson, recovering much of the lost knowledge of those lands. He believes that the answers to reaching his goal may be found in the land of the Draconic Prophecy. He also has reason to believe that Argonesson is, in fact, the birthplace of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. Perhaps, in a place where evil was born, he may find the key to defeating it. To that end, he has joined the last remaining fragment of The Order of the Reunification, an ancient sect that has supposedly battled the Brotherhood throughout ages past.


    Serren Vertrandtheangry