Gessho Monteclaire


Gessho lived most of his life in luxury as the son of a powerful merchant in Aegaederum. However, when he refused an arranged marriage and married a commongirl, his father disowned him. Gessho and his wife moved to the country and attempted to lead a peaceful life. His father secretly hired killers to murder Gessho’s wife to get him to return to the family, however, Gessho fought the thugs valiantly and nearly lost his own life along with his wife’s. He was found by a priest of Ioun and nursed back to health. In return for agreeing to return his wife from the dead, the priest demanded ten years of unconditional service from Gessho, who readily agreed.


Gessho seeks to complete his indenture and live out the rest of his life with his wife.


Gessho died on 27 Eyre, 349 Y.K. while serving out his indenture to the Church of Ioun. He was discovered while working undercover among the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign and lashed to death.

Gessho Monteclaire

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