Lazarus Bernard


Lazarus Bernard was born to Andricus and Angelica Bernard, a devout gnomish couple living in a small settlement near Glasston. The young gnome rebelled quite a lot and eventually fell into a delinquent lifestyle. Petty vandalism turned to larceny, larceny to assault, assault to murder. He was sentenced to forty years in an Aegaederian prison. During his time in prison, he was visited many times by a traveling human chaplain of Erathis. He formed a friendship with the man and was eventually convinced to repent of his past. Tragedy struck, however, when his human friend eventually succumbed to old age. He was unable to attend the funeral, it being a month prior to the end of his sentence. He vowed that upon his release, he would fulfill a friendly old pact they had made in jest: To create a mercantile empire based on the production of absinthe.


Lazarus Bernard lives to ensure that he loses no more friends.


Lazarus is not dead. He remains until this day with his human wife, Obera, in the Pyramid of Shadows.

Lazarus Bernard

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