The Order of the Reunification

The Order of the Reunification was founded 232 YK in the area that grew to be known as Thessec. The Order was founded by and grew around its central leader Ageestaugh, an inquisitive silver dragon. His obsession with galdoryl and objects encompassing or power by it, led to the gathering of these objects toward some as to then undetermined goal. As the understanding of the properties of galdoryl matured and expanded so did Ageestaugh and his subordinates. Out of this understanding, many hypotheses about the origins of this seemingly miraculous mineral were formed. Some stated that it was merely a natural stone or metal, each has its own properties. Others took a more dramatic approach and said that these crystals were pieces of the star that, in legend, reshaped the world eons ago. For Ageestaugh these ideas were neither here nor there. He was concerned that the power could easily be misused, especially by humans and their propensity for self/mutual destruction.

In 319 YK Ageestaugh’s fears were fully realized when intelligence was relayed to him that another order of men, whose purpose and origin were tightly wrapped in the darkest of secrecy, began to seek the same objects that The Order of the Reunification had been gathering for more than a century. The reports of these individuals were hazy at best including bizarre unidentifiable rituals, strange flying creatures and always the same physical description, yellow robes boasting peculiar yellow symbols outlined in black. This consistent garb gained then the descriptive title of “The Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign”. Since such time The Order came to recognize this competitor, the race has been on to deprive them of every galdoryl-laden item that can be found or recovered from direct confrontation with these cryptic, and when provoked, violent, collectors.

Since the beginning of this hunt, the recovered artifacts have been safely stored far below Thessec in a magically guarded warehouse. As of 351 YK the warehouse contained 527 artifacts and 1498 complete galdoryl crystals.

The current year is 998 YK and the whereabouts of the lost city of Thessec are known by few. The ruins of the city know as Thesium are one in the same and Ageestaugh still guards the artifacts. The silver dragon was alone in this task until recently when a member from the past brought an unexpected change, four new recruits.

The Order of the Reunification

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